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Understanding Stem cells transplant


How long can the matching result be reserved?
Upon the confirmation of matching between donor and your patient, Tzu Chi will reserve this donor for 3 months. A finalized confirmation will be sent to you if there is another matching patient found during this 3 months period. However, if you did not reply for continuing the following procedures, Tzu Chi may cancel your reservation according to the new patient’s condition.
Is it necessary to proceed the matching between family members prior to the unrelated matching?
There is 1/4 successful matching chance between family members, which is much higher than the chance with unrelated donors. The contacting process with unrelated donors is also relatively longer, hence, we advice matching between family members first.
How to select the most suitable donor if there is no full matching donor?
The Immunogenetics technology is continuously improving. The international standard at the current stage is classified as HLA:A、B、DR three loci high resolution typing; some transplant centers may ask for HLA:A、B、C、DR、DQ five loci high resolution typing. Generally speaking, only 1 antigen mismatching (out of total 3) is still acceptable, however, this option may vary according to different doctor's opinion and consideration. Tzu Chi also offer Mismatch inquiring and consultancy.
How long will the matching process take?
When the patient sent out the application, and also send the sample blood to Tzu Chi bone stem cell center HLA lab for exam, the result will be finalized within one week. And the matching process can be started according to the exam result. If you select not to send the sample but the HLA typing, then the matching result can be received in one working day.



Update: Oct. 2009

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