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Our Management Team

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● Director: Yang, Kuo-Liang
● Immunogenetics Laboratory: Yang, Kuo-Liang
● Deputy Immunogenetics Laboratory: Dr. Wang, Tso-Fu
● Cord Blood Bank: Yang, Kuo-Liang
● The Marrow Donor Registry: Chang, Chu-Yu
● Medical Director: Dr. Yang, Shang-Hsien
● Financial Department: Shieh, Sho-Yuan
● Information Technology Department: Chen, Guan-Yu

Chart updated: OCT, 2013


1. Medical and Tissue Compatibility Consultation Committee
The committee provides expert advice in the fields of medical treatment, medical ethics, bone marrow donor recruitment, legal consultation, health policies, and public affairs.

2. Immunogenetics Laboratory
(1) Cord blood bank sample testing, blood testing, histocompatibility testing of blood samples from donors or transplant centers (ClassⅠ/ ClassⅡ)
(2) Collection and processing of blood samples
(3) The analysis, identification and registry of experimental results
(4) Notifying The Marrow Donor Registry of tissue-typing test results
(5) The maintenance and management of medical equipments and consumption goods
(6) To conduct innovative scientific research and technological development on immunogenetics of diseases

3. The Cord Blood Bank
(1) Collection of cord blood
(2) Processing and storage of cord blood
(3) The cultivation of cord blood stem cells
(4) The maintenance of cord blood experiment and test report files
(5) Notifying The Marrow Donor Registry of tissue-typing test results
(6) The maintenance and management of medical equipments and consumption goods

4. The Marrow Donor Registry
(1) Assistance in administrative affairs of donation activities
(2) Set up and maintain the database of bone marrow donors and cord blood units
(3) Processing Application of HLA matching
(4) Promoting the cooperation between medical and research institutes domestically and internationally
(5) Assistance in the administrative affairs of other departments
(6) Planning and promoting Stem Cells Center’s business
(7) Assisting Stem Cells Center Director and Medical Director in public affairs and communication with other Tzu Chi organizations

5. Recruitment Group
(1) Caring for transplant recipients
(2) Promoting bone marrow drives and cord blood donation
(3) Recruitment and training of volunteers
(4) Caring for donors
(5) Delivering bone marrow to designated medical institutes

Tzu Chi Recruitment Group was founded by Tzu Chi commissioners and Tzu Cheng members in 1994, and it currently includes about 800 team members. Besides holding regular bone marrow drives, recruiting and caring for donors, and maintaining the growth of the bone marrow registry, the volunteers also care for patients with blood diseases as well as their families. Such painstaking care is the characteristic that sets Tzu Chi’s bone marrow donation apart from all others, since not only do the patients receive care, but the patients’ families also receive the needed care.

Tzu Chi Recruitment Group volunteers are the unseen heroes who helped the Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center (BTCSCC) registry to include more than 300,000 bone marrow donors, and thus bringing hope to more than 1,000 patients with blood diseases.

Chen Nai-Yu, the Executive Director of Tzu Chi Recruitment Group, said the team’s responsibilities have increased since in the early years, about more than 10 bone marrow donations take place in a year, but now nearly 200 donations happen in a year. In addition, collection of cord blood and caring for patients have also become the team’s responsibilities. Therefore, the team’s goals include team expansion and training of the team members.

Chen also mentioned that in the past, the team experienced many difficulties, such as donor who matched with a patient declined to donate after undergoing the checkup, or the donation process had to be stopped because of the donors’ families’ opposition. In addition, the volunteers have also experienced difficulties in delivering marrow, because of typhoon and other factors.

These difficulties continue to challenge the perseverance and patience of the volunteers, “The promotion of bone marrow donation and completion of bone marrow transplant require painstaking efforts, but the successful results are also rewarding.”

Update: Oct. 2009

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