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Ways to help Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center


1. Sponsoring Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center

According to international common practice, bone marrow registries work to benefit each other mutually. Tzu Chi and developed countries, such as European countries and the United States, have agreed on a uniform fee of US$ 21,500 for the procurement of bone marrow stem cells, South East Asian countries agreed to a uniform fee of US$ 10,750, while China will charge RMB 49,000. Patients in Taiwan however, need only to pay for the donors stem cell collecting operation and health check-up fee of NT$ 113,735.

On 24th August 2000, Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center began entrusting the Taipei Veterans General Hospital to collect marrow from donors. The fee charged is NT$ 82,380 (including donors hospitalization, surgery, anesthesia, and etc.), and if including expenses for donors to store autologous blood, transportation, travel and medical insurance premium, total fees come out to approximately NT$ 120,000. This fee standard was agreed and approved on 12th July 2001 in the fourth advisory committee vote of the second meeting by the Taiwan Tzu Chi Foundation Bone Marrow Donor Center (The original name of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center).

The NMDP in the USA is the worlds largest bone marrow registry, which holds information for over five million donors. Two - thirds of its funding comes from state sponsorship and public fund raising, while the remaining third is generated by fees charged - a U$21,500 marrow stem cell collection fee is required to maintain the routine running of the center. Tzu Chis stem cells center is funded entirely by donations from a wide range of public sources, and the providing of stem cells within Taiwan island is totally free. The center only charges a NT$ 113,735 handling fee on behalf of the collection hospital, and the expenses incurred by the donor (donor autologous blood drawing, transportation fee and insurances).

The stem cells handling fee charges by Tzu Chi on behalf of the collection hospital, is relatively low compared to the international standards of US$ 20,000 more. To enable this task of saving lives to be able to continue perpetually, we hope that all of us will appreciate and treasure the immense effort and funding that Tzu Chi has put in for establishing the bone marrow stem cell center. So that countless blood related disease patients who struggle on the edge of life and death world-wide will receive a chance for rebirth.

Should you wish to sponsor Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center, you can wire your donations to the account below:
Bank: International Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Hualien Branch
Account Number: 023-13-01200-0
Account Name: Tzu-Chi Buddhist General Hospital(財團法人佛教慈濟綜合醫院)
Please specify the following wording : donation for Stem Cells Center.


2. Join the Stem Cells Center Volunteer Team

Please contact Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center.
Tel: 886-3-8561825 Ext: 3518/3519/3216 Fax: 886-3-8574324
E-mail: btcscc@tzuchi.org.tw


3. Donating second hand usable laptops

To increase the quality of data collected from blood drive and contributing efforts on carbon reduction for environmental friendly purposes, our center has already started the electronic blood drive. This will allow the voluntary donors to establish data on site to increase data accuracy, and enhance the completeness of the information by system editing.

In order to efficiently help the patients, we try to provide the most accurate data in shortest time possible. If you are willing to donate used laptops, which are still usable (start up normally, have functional battery, usable keyboard and mouse/touch pad), it will be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, any software that comes with the laptops would also be mostly welcomed to join the chance of saving lives.

Should you have any queries, please contact Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center.
Tel: 886-3-8561825 Ext: 3518/3519/3216 Fax: 886-3-8574324
E-mail: btcscc@tzuchi.org.tw

If you wish to donate laptop(s), please send to: Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center
707 Sec. 3, Chung Yang Rd., Hualien, Taiwan 970, R.O.C.

Update: Oct. 2009