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Fee Schedule and financial aids in Taiwan


1. Fee Schedule(itemized)
Payable fee
Donor blood sample initial test and filing fee
NT$12,000 / person
Paid by stem cells center 300,000 plus donor data is being updated into database.
Patient blood sample testing
NT$12,000 / person
If the “High resolution typing report” is available from the transplant center, then not necessary to send blood sample to stem cells center. The report can be done in 7-10 working days.
Bone marrow data base matching fee Admin. charges from stem cell center
Paid by stem cells center
The matching confirmation will be returned within one working day.
Donor confirmation matching
NT$12,000 / person
Free charge for the selected first 5 matching
Free charge for the selected first 5 matching; fee charged from the 6th matching (NT$ 12,000 per person).
Donor physical check up Appx. NT$ 20,000 for physical check up, transportation and insurance premium
Total sum: NT$ 113,735. In case of patient not completing the transplant (donor already done physical check up), the check up fee of NT$ 20,000 is still payable.
Donation of stem cells Medical charge of stem cell collecting, ward and board, transportation, insurance (inc. 1 company). At least NT$ 93,735

All expenditures must be paid upon placing the request and have the T.T. receipt fax to stem cells center. In case of the patient has not completed the transplant for any reason but the donor has already done the physical check up, the stem cells center will return the payment balance after deduct the physical check up fee NT$ 20,000.


2. Financial aid application
Directly filing the application through our volunteer of care unit (community unit or hospital unit).
If the info comes from Transplant center, our staff will pass the case to community or hospital care unit volunteer to visit the family of the patient and work through the application.


3. Notice points
1. Starting from May 1st, 2009, our CT will be in sync with international practice, which will test A, B, Cw, and DRB1, and the fee will also be adjusted accordingly. The test of Cw for those 5 free selection is not done until they are selected for work-up.
Patient from Taiwan indicates patients who holds Taiwan passport or Taiwan A.R.C.
3. In case of Taiwan patient who selected matching donor from overseas bone marrow registry, he shall pay the necessary fee according to individual registry’s regulation plus 10% administration fee to Tzu Chi stem cells center. Each bone marrow registry do regulate varies charges from approximately NT$ 300,000 to 1.1 millions (base on 1 donor selected and completed the transplant process).
4. In case of the patient’s choice of donor has been stationed overseas or emigrated, the patient must pay for the donor and his selected company 2 round trips (one for physical check up and one for transplant).
5. The donor’s physical check up result is valid for 6 months. For any reason the patient can not complete the transplant within the 6 months period and resulting in donor must undertake one more check up, the patient will need to be responsible for the check up fee of NT$ 20,000.
6. Donor’s physical check up result will be proven by the Medical Director of BTCSCC for it’s donation qualification. In case of the transplant center has different opinion and the patient would like to choose alternative donors, the patient will have to responsible for the new donor’s physical check up fee (NT$ 20,000).


Should you have any queries, please contact Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center.
Tel: 886-3-8561825 Ext: 3518/3519/3216 Fax: 886-3-8574324
707 Sec. 3, Chung Yang Rd., Hualien, Taiwan 970, R.O.C.

Update: Oct. 2009