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Preliminary Match Standard Operation (SOP)


It is with great appreciation for your kind support on the belief of Respecting Life and Great love of Feeling pain for other's sickness; and joined the activity of Tzu Chi bone marrow donation blood drive and became part of the Rescue Life parade. Now your HLA has luckily matched in the preliminary stage with a blood disease patient. We will ask for Tzu Chi volunteers (Bone Marrow Donation Care Team) to make further contact with you.

(1) Firstly, our volunteer will make further clarification with you for the SOP on bone marrow donation with the related printed materials. To ensure you have a complete knowledge of the whole donation process, we suggest you to read the materials provided thoroughly, and ask questions if necessary.
(2) Secondly, our volunteer will have to ask for your consent on signature of Stem Cells Donation Confirmatory Typing Match Agreement. After having the agreement signed, our volunteer will arrange medical staffs to take blood sample of 10.0 ~40.0 cc from your arm (depending on each transplant center requirements), and put into different test tubes for delivery. This process is called donor blood sample confirmatory typing test.
(3) Thirdly, the blood sample of the donor will go through series of infectious disease tests, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and HIV. In addition, HLA matching will be confirmed one more time. This process will take roughly 14 working days. If the tests results are all accepted by the transplant center, a volunteer or staff from our center would make further contact with you for health check-ups. Since each hospital has different working procedures, it sometimes takes up to 3~6 months before further response.

Fourthly, the health check up takes at least half of a day, the test report runs for another 7 working days for completion. If the health check up result is accepted by the transplant hospital, then our volunteer and/or staff from our center will make further contact with you in regards of dates for the actual donation operation of bone marrow or peripheral stem cells. Since each hospital has different procedures, it sometimes can take up to 3~6 months before further response.


Patients may encounter the following situations before finding the suitable donors:

1. With a successful match- up, but the patients physical condition cannot accommodate with transplants at the moment. Hence waiting period incurred.
2. With a successful match-up, but the patients family members are still in consideration of transplant process.
3. There is slight discrepancy for the match-up, but clinically acceptable. The transplant specialist wants to wait for if there is a better matching up. Therefore our center reserve the donors result for another 3-6 months before the final decision is made.

Sometimes we cannot tell you the result of matching right away due to the above situations. We would appreciate your kind patience if there is any inconvenience incurred. If you have a personal plan (ie: study abroad, or planning to get pregnant, transferring to overseas job position), please inform us immediately. If there is any changes in contact information, please also inform us immediately.

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center.
Tel: 886-3-8561825 Ext: 3518/3519/3216 Fax: 886-3-8574324
E-mail: btcscc@tzuchi.org.tw
707 Sec. 3, Chung Yang Rd., Hualien, Taiwan 970, R.O.C.

Update: Oct. 2009

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