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Love as Clear Water ~ Rights and Obligations


There is no direct gain or benefits from donation of stem cells.

However, you as a donor should know clearly that once you have agreed to donate and upon completion of physical exam, you are the patients ONLY stem cell donor. The patients doctor will draft a Stem cell transplant proposal according to the patients condition, which includes the patients chemotherapy procedure, medication and so on will follow the proposal, this also includes the execution of bone marrow ablation treatment. You will be required to donate the stem cells at a specific time according to the patients condition. There is also a possibility that you will be notified that the transplant plan has been canceled due to the changes in the patients condition.

If you change your mind after the patient started the bone marrow ablation treatment process, the patient will be immediately threatened by death.

On the other hand, if you have agreed to donate, you have given the matching patient a chance of rebirth, and your great love will save a family on the brink of falling apart.

1. Privacy

BTCSCC will take all necessary measures, strictly protecting the personal information and the donation status of every potential HSC donors. In order to protect your rights and interests as a donors,no one, including patient, patients family members or transplant centers related medical team members is allowed to contact you directly regarding donation. Our center is also prohibited to reveal any details about your donation to outsiders, unless it has been authorized by you in writing or been required by law of the government.

To safeguard the privacy and avoid any unwanted disturbances to the donor and the patient, BTCSCC has adapted international customary practice and regulated: Stem cells donor cannot have any direct contact with the patient within the 2 years duration after the transplant. During this period, any information regarding the donor and the patient are been strictly kept confidential and are not revealed to any party. If both sides should have any needs, the center will deliver the message for them.

2. Expenses

You as the donor will not be compensated in monetary terms for the donation of stem cells (including the lost of time). However, you also will not need to pay any expense during the course of the donation. Administration expense, testing and medical expenses generated from the matching process through the donation process will be paid for by the medical insurance or the patient, partial expense will be covered by BTCSCC.

If you as the donor should ask for leave from the company or school, BTCSCC will provide a letter of proof for you as a volunteered donor. After the donation, the doctor will provide a Doctors note for proof of actual donation.

3. Insurance coverage

To protect and take care of the donor, an insurance policy is specifically purchased by BTCSCC from Fubon Life (originally ING), insurance coverage details are as follows:
(1)Benefits details:
  Death benefit (or total disability): NT$ 5 millions if death or total disability occurs during the policy coverage period.
(2)Hospitalization Benefits:

Should the donor be hospitalized due to illness or accident during the insurance coverage period, reimbursements for medical expenses will be applied. However, hospitalization under normal donation procedure are not within the insurance coverage.

 Covered Item Upper Limit
 Daily Ward Expense NT$ 2,000
 Standard Surgery Expense Per Surgery NT$ 43,200
 Miscellaneous fee per Hospitalization NT$ 68,000
 Insurance coverage per hospitalization NT$450,000
 Limits of Hospitalization 90

In case donor can not provide receipts for reimbursement, Fubon Life]original ING^will reimburse the hospitalization benefits according to the number of days being admitted stating on other documents. Daily hospitalization benefit amount is NT$ 2,000; hospitalization limit is 90 days.

Insurance coverage period: 3 month starting from the date of donation.
Donor shall sign an application for uFubon Life]original ING^Group Medical Plan for Tzu chi stem cells donationva day prior to donation operation.


4. Possible Future Needs

After completing the donation of HSC for a period of time, you may possibly be consulted to whether agreeing to donate bone marrow or PBSC or any type of blood product]such as whole blood or hemoleukocyte^again for the same patient, or to participate in a research project. Any requests received by you as the donor will be explained by specialists and a written consent form needs to be signed. You as the donor have the rights to decline any above mentioned requests.

When BTCSCC receives a second donation request by the transplant center, the medical team members will carefully evaluate the patients condition and the health condition of our donor to protect the rights and interests of both sides.

The followings are the our principles regulated according to the international practice:
1.First time PBSC donors do not allowed to accept a second PBSC donation request, however, a request for bone marrow donation may be accepted.
2.First time bone marrow donors can be requested for second time bone marrow donation or PBSC donation.
3.Hemoleukocyte (lymphocyte) donation should be taken over 2 months apart.
4.Whole blood donation should be taken over 3 months apart.


5. Do keep in touch

Should you have any queries or doubts regarding HSC donation process, please do contact the Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center. Tel: 886-3-8561825 Ext: 3518/3519/3216 Fax: 886-3-8574324 E-mail: btcscc@tzuchi.org.tw

Update: Oct. 2009

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