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What you should know


After signing the consent form, the patient would be in preparation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells(HSC) transplant. If you change your mind not to donate for any reason, this may put the patient in the edge of a life-threatening situation.
In order to protect the rights and interests for both parties, please keep the confidentiality principles before and after the donation.
Reminder after the health examination:
(1) If your contact information is changed, please inform Stem Cells Center immediately.
(2) You are not allowed to have blood donation after health exam and within six months after HSC donation.
(3) Please be cautious if you are pregnant after health exam and within six months after HSC donation.
(4) Prevent from going to epidemic areas.
(5) Prevent from getting infected by epidemic diseases.
(6) After confirmation of transplant date, please start to take iron dose and folic acid to increase hematopoiesis function.
(7) Iron dose and folic acid should be taken after meals to reduce the stomach irritation. After taking the iron dose, please do not drink tea, coffee, coke and drinks containing caffeine. Do not take stomach medicines (antacids) and Tetracycline along with iron dose and folic acid because doing so would hinder the absorption of iron dose and folic acid.
(8) There is a possibility that you can be notified that the patients cancel the transplant plan after completing autologous blood preparation, extraction of pre-donation blood sample, or injection of GCSF. This is usually because patients status has changed.
(9) Base on the health regulations, examination hospitals are responsible to report any statutory epidemic diseases (i.e. HIV) to health authority.
Must know items for Donation Procedures:
(1) It is around three to four hours from entering the operation room and back to the recovery room. The procedures include disinfection process on the entry of operation room; anesthesia; extraction of stem cell (including the transfusion of autologous blood) and observation after sending to the recovery room. The actual time of stem cell extraction would be around half an hour.
(2) The donor have to lie down flatly on the bed for six to eight hours to increase the pressure on the wounds to prevent from bleeding.
(3) If you feel pain on the bottom of your left chest rib after the injection of GCSF, please contact the doctor and the stem cells center administration team.
(4) If due to some occasional cases that the peripheral blood stem cells cannot be collected successfully from the donor (such as not being able to find the proper peripheral vein), then you will be asked whether agree to use the central venous catheter or change to be a bone marrow donor.
(5) You have to notify the technical operators who manipulate the machines if you feel numbness on the fingers, toes or mouth during the process of blood collection.
(6) The proceeding of the second collection will be depending on the actual condition of the peripheral blood stem cells donor.
Attention Matters after donation:
(1) Within two weeks after blood stem cell donation, the donors have to prevent from intensive workout/exercise or tasks related to heavy physical movement.
(2) Periodical followup after donation would be: Seven times within three years after BM donation and ten times within five years after PBSC donation.
(3) Not to have blood donation after half a year of stem cells donation.
(4) PBSC donors should prohibit from taking aspirin and any medicine containing aspirin.
(5) PBSC donors should prevent from collision.
(6) If any discomfort after donation and the discomfort does not alleviate after doctors treatment, please contact the staff of the stem cells center immediately.

Update: Oct. 2009

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