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Donor Health Screening

Details below describes if donors are suitable for blood drive and donation:

Health Condition Screening
1. AIDS / HIV 《Unacceptable》Have been diagnosed or at risk with HIV(AIDS) Persons who are at risk for HIV / AIDS virus:
(1)Had risky sex, such as:Had sex with same-sex partner (even just once) 、Exchanged sex for drugs or money、Sex partner is at risk for HIV/AIDS virus.
(2)Shared needles and syringes for drugs, even just once.
(3)Haemophilia and have received clotting factor concentrates.
(4)In the past 12 months, have had sex with anyone who has taken clotting factor concentrates in the past 5 years.
2. Drugs 《Acceptable》Took drug in oral or in sniffing.
《Already registered》If the donor has heart problems, further evaluation are required at donation.
《Unacceptable》Have injected drug(even just once).
3. Asthma 《Acceptable》Have been free of attacks without medicine control in the past five years.
《Unacceptable》Have asthma, or need medicine control in the past five years(Exercise-induced asthma is OK to register).
4. Back Pain Issues 《Acceptable》Common back pain problems, such as sprains, strains and aches.
《Unacceptable》Severe back pain requiring surgery or pain medication control.
5. Autoimmune System Diseases 《Unacceptable》One with Major Illness Card, or Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
6. Hypertension 《Acceptable》Hypertension is not associated heart disease and is well-controlled by medication.
《Unacceptable》Hypertension associated with heart disease. You may register if your.
7. Cancer 《Acceptable》Cured skin cancer in situ (except melanoma) and breast cancer in situ, bladder cancer in situ, and cervical cancer in situ.
《Unacceptable》All other types of cancer patients.
8. Diabetes 《Acceptable》Diabetes is controlled by diet.
《Unacceptable》Diabetes is controlled by medications.
9. Seizures 《Acceptable》Seizure have been controlled by medications and have not occurred in the past year.
《Unacceptable》Seizure occurred more than once in the past year.
10. Heart Problems 《Acceptable》
Medication is not required for your mitral valve prolapse.
Irregular heart beat does not required medication.
Have had heart attack, heart bypass surgery or other heart disease.
Have myocardial infarction or receptive irregular heart beat with medication required.
11. Hepatitis 《Acceptable》Hepatitis A(Anti-HAV), positive Anti-HBs test for hepatitis B(Anti-HBs (+)), or Received a vaccine to prevent hepatitis.
《Already registered》For B carrier, TC must be informed to find out the situation of the recipient.
《Unacceptable》Positive confirmatory test for hepatitis B(HBs-Ag (+) ), or positive confirmatory test for hepatitis C (Anti-HCV (+))
12.Vaccine 《Acceptable》Receiving general vaccine.
《Unacceptable》Have received vaccine from experiment laboratory or HBIG(hepatitis B immune globulin) in the past year.
13.Disease caused by bacteria carried by small insects Lyme disease 《Acceptable》Fully recovered.
《Unacceptable》Have chronic Lyme disease (Pathological changes of the heart, neural system and joints of the body).
Babesiosis 《Unacceptable》Have had this disease in the past. Since Babesia are parasites. ( Babesia parasites reproduce in red blood cells. An infected person may not have any syndromes and may also develop fevers, chills and muscle pain along with light or heavy anemia. It might cause kidney failure and death for patients who have removed spleens)
Chagas disease 《Unacceptable》Have been bitten by South America Chagoma insect.
14. Malaria 《Acceptable》The Malaria you had was at least three years ago. Or have completed a more than six-month full cycle of anti-malarial drugs.
《Unacceptable》Have traveled to malaria-risk zone in the past 6 months.
15. Obesity Body Mass Index (BMI)= Weight(Kg) / Height(m)2.
《Acceptable》BMI ≤ 40 allowed to register.
《Already registered》43.5 ≥ BMI ≥ 40 Donate PBSC only. BMI ≥ 43.5 No donation.
《Unacceptable》BMI ≥ 40.
16.Organ or Tissue Transplant 《Acceptable》 Have received "Auto-graft".
《Unacceptable》Have received allo-grafts such as heart, lung, kidney, bone or other organs.
17. Pregnancy 《Acceptable》Pregnant may register.
《Already registered》Deferred from donation until 1 year from the delivery.
You may not accept GCSF injection during breast-feeding period.
18. Herpes 《Acceptable》If herpes are on or around the lips.
《Unacceptable》If herpes are on your genital areas.
19. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 《Acceptable》Fully recovered from Chlamydia or syphilis for over one year.
《Unacceptable》Had Chlamydia or syphilis within the last one year.
20. Tuberculosis 《Acceptable》Fully recovered from tuberculosis.
《Unacceptable》Had active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) within the last two years.
21. Have issues or been rejected during blood donation 《Acceptable》Underweight, low blood pressure or low heme
(non blood related disease).
《Unacceptable》Listed as lifetime-rejected donor by Blood Center.
22. Thalassemia 《Acceptable》With Thalassemia hemoglobin, you may register with special note. (Hemoglobin must be greater than 12 for male and 11 for female).
《Unacceptable》Have been diagnosed as Sickle Cell Anemia or moderate to severe Thalassemia.
23. Blood transfusion 《Acceptable》Autologous Blood transfusion.
《Unacceptable》Have received blood transfusion from others in the past year.
24. Piercing and Tattoos 《Unacceptable》Have received a tattoo or ear piercing in the past year.
25.Iritis, Cleritis 《Acceptable》Epi-Cleritis (red spot eyes, can be treated by medication) is not Cleritis.
《Unacceptable》Caused by autoimmune diseases.
26.Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Acceptable with extra notice(to inform TC).
27.Received Growth hormone Unacceptable.
28.Hyperthyroid 《Acceptable》Thyroid removed. If not removed, only bone marrow donation is allowed.
《Unacceptable》On medication.
29. Mental health Anti-depression medication 《Acceptable》Taking anti-depression medication and have not been hospitalized in the past 5 years for mental diseases.
《Already registered》Taking Lithium can only donate bone marrow.
《Unacceptable》Have been hospitalized in the past 5 years for mental diseases.
30. Issues when received anesthesia It is advised to donate only PBSC if you had experienced some issues such as rapid decrease of blood pressure when received anesthesia.
31. Osteoporosis 《Acceptable》Bone mineral density (BMD) is normal.
《Already registered》Re-evaluation is required at donation. If found Osteoporosis, only PBSC can be donated.
32. Jaundice 《Acceptable》Neonatal Jaundice and the Jaundice caused by cholelithiasis may register.
《Already registered》Jaundice caused by liver disease should be re-evaluated at donation.
《Unacceptable》Jaundice caused by liver cancer.


Update: 2009.11.04

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