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BTCSCC Monthly Report 1970/01

Update: 1970/01/01

> Accumulated registered donors: (Including US area )
Domestic and Abroad Accumulate to last mon Added this Mon Total Accumulation
Blood Drive samples 0
Available for
On-line matching
> Accumulated Patients requested for matching: (Including this month )
Accumulated to last month This month requested Total Accumulation
Domestic 0
Abroad 0


1.Current Transplanted Cases: (Domestic 0, Abroad 0)
Bone Marrow PBSC
Domestic (0.00%) (0.00%)
Abroad (0.00%) (0.00%)
Total 0 (100%) 0 (100%)

Total Recipient Countries:


2.Cord Blood Transplanted Cases : , total CBU shipped:
Latest Shipping Date:
CBU Accumulated to last month Added this month Total Accumulation
Collection Unit 0
Storage Unit 0
Available for
On-line Matching

 KFC CB Transplanted Cases: , shipped units:
     Note: KFC shipped CB cases assisted by BTCSCC


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